mayasCivilizations like the Mayans spoke various languages across time. According to Alejandro Curiel it consisted of a unique communication system.

The Mayan empire was a properous civilization until its decline in the year 900 of our era. This decline caused the abandonment of many cities, obliging the Mayans to expand towards the central valleys of Mexico.

The Mayan linguistic family is documented. The most modern languages descended from proto-Mayan that were spoken by more than six million natives mostly distributed along the south of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

After the conquest of the Yucatan the destinity of the ancient peoples changes.

During the pre-Columbian era some languages were written like hierogliphics, spreading their use during the classic period. The Mayan inscriptions that survived on buildings, ceramics, etc., were combined in the post-colonial era with the Latin alphabet: orthography that was developed in great part by the Catholic missionaries who arrived to the regions to spread their religion.

With the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America and the first exploration expeditions an intent to conquer the regions opened up. In 1511 a shipwreck brought the survivors to the Yucatan coasts. Among these was Gonzalo Guerrero “The renegade”, who over the years assimilated the Mayan culture becoming the chief and father of miscegenation, named as such by Mexico.

During the Spanish colonization of Central America the Spanish language became the new language.

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