familiaLanguage is the tongue of the village or an entire nation or many. Each language has its own characteristics, creating a system of verbal communication, the linguistic history that establishes that a language derives from other families of languages.

Going on holiday with the family to another country is an opportunity and unique experience to study abroad, to make us understood is a good motivation to learn.

Including those families who know the Spanish language, to take advantage of their holidays and come to Spain is a great way to correctly learn the vocabulary and correct grammatical errors.

A way to learn Spanish in Spain and experience learning a language local news, watching television, listening to national music and even contact with the Spanish people will enrich your lives and help you to familiarize yourself with the tone of spoken Spanish.

Moreover, this experience is heightened by doing an intensive Spanish course in Spain centered on real situations where you and your children will learn our language.

You can find out about our courses in Spanish for families.

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