I’ve wanted to make this video for a long time. Finally I had a moment and now it’s ready. I have to say that this micro-video, that is, the main part, was designed, scripted, directed, recorded, edited, produced and interpreted by one of our Spanish teachers. We were lucky to meet Estrella when she chose our school, Giralda Center, to do her internship work under the terms of the agreement we have with the University of Seville. And this work was in fact was one of the final activities that she designed to finish her internship. How lucky we were! Later we had the opportunity to have her as one of our teachers in the our intensive Spanish courses and she’s continued to surprise us…

Many of our Spanish teachers have commented on how difficult it is to find useful videographic materials for an ELE class. Well, I believe the answer is…do it yourself! The tools used here were: a Smartphone, a video editor such as iMovies and finally an edtion customized by WeVideo.

I leave the final result here:

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