There´s a study that indicates that the brain begins to age after 30 years. These changes are reflected in studies about morpholocical modification in people at different ages; more advanced the age, more atrophy and vascular alteration are present in the form of angiopathies.

Different capacities exist that are necessary to achieve good memory and stimulate those that have become weak with age, such as the motivation to communicate.

Bilinguilism improves cognition and delays demencia in older people.

Can people who speak various languages prevent cognitive deterioration?

Can people who speak various languages prevent cognitive deterioration?

After a study done by Doctor Thomas Bak, it’s possible to open a line of investigation concerning the relationship of the impact of learning a second language with the ageing of the mind.

Functional magnetic resonance images were used for this experiment; cerebral techniques for visualizations that show the prefrontal corte is more active when memory functions, demonstrating that bilingulism significantly benefits the brain during the ageing process.

In daily life the brain implicitly shows a form of procedural memory that is what participates in the memory of motor skills and the executions necessary to carry out a task. In normal ageing vocabulary and implicit memory are preserved.

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