educacion-adultos21- Adult education

Countries are confronting great challenges to reduce obstacles to adult education. It is necessary to maintain social stability through re-enforcing social inclusión, assuring that there is a process that possibility to obtain opportunities and resources to fully participate in cultural, social and economic life, promoting basic abilities to help the individual to achieve personal satisfaction.

The EU is confronting demographic changes without precedents that will have an enormous impact on the society and economy.

The population in Europe is againg and the proportion of senior citizens is growing, not only because of the fall in birth rate, but also the fact that people are living longer in good physical and mental conditions.

The needs of adults and learning can be seen as a development process that will allow them to adequately manage their work as much as social life, gaining an advantage for reaching new and better professional opportunities.

Our Spanish courses in Spain improve the accessibility to these new work opportunities as an expansion of a language that plays an important part in the new societies.

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