beneficios-idiomasStudying a second language modifies the brain’s structure, specifically the lower frontal cortex which is the centre of all the brain’s areas and determines the individual’s personality.

The frontal corte is a mass with layers of neurons that play an important part in cognitive functions such as thought, language, consciousness and memory.

The benefits of learning languages at an early age

Many studies have been carried out to show to know if age affects learning of a foreign language.

Memory is a function of the brain that allows us to codify what we learn. At early ages, bilingual education prepares the brain for different languages. Children that study two languages will be capable of defending themselves and speak the language indistinctly. Their brain retains and orders in a different manner a higher number of words that permites codification for accessing information laater.

A bilingual brain effortlessly organizes in a more efficient manner the learning of the two languages that have so beneficially influenced childhood memory. A study on adults shows that learning a language develops intelligence, slows the ageing process as well as the deterioration of the nervous system leading to Altzeimer.

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