deleWhen students comes to learn Spanish in Spain they should be offered an ideal atmosphere to study and to help them develop necessary skills in the work place.

Their participation in the classroom implies a challenge, above all if the intention is to apply the language at a professional level. They are encourage to do team work, and it will be important that they attend all classes so as not to lose opportunities that contribute to their learning.

Advice to prepare for the DELE exams

Preparation for any exam can be the most stressful stage. As you begin to prepare yourself and maintain regular language study habits, you experience greater opportunities to absorb information and improve the flow of the study process.

There exist different grades of competence and dominance of Spanish:

The initial level, accredits linguistic competence to be able to communicate in a basic form.
Intermediate levels, are designed such that the student gets along in daily life that does not require any specific language use.
Advanced levels, the student will be able to get along in situations that require a higher use of the Spanish language.

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