nunca-es-tardeIt seems times have changed and studying is no longer reserved for the young. The phrase it’s never too late to learn sums up the story of many adults who had the opportunity to study and continue to do so with even more enthusiam than they had when they were younger.

Cities give opportunities to those who wanted to study but never could. When they retire many feel inactive and decide to study a language, how to use a computer, etc., as a stimulous for feeling active.

People over 45 are interested in going back to study to keep themselves mentally active.

A friend of mine mentioned one day that her grandmother living in San Pedro (Los Ángeles) wanted to sign up for a Spanish course in Spain for various reasons: her only daughter and family had moved to Seville for professional reasons. She had the intention of coming to visit but not be a burden on anyone. She wanted to be self-sufficient and move around the city, and at the same time be a big help with her grandchildren.

To be with her family was the big reason she wanted to learn Spanish in Spain together with the desire that she always had to learn but never had the opportunity. The very example of overcoming an obstacle.

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